Introducing Genio: Play the Renaissance

This is an unusual post for Design a Game: instead of writing / talking about technologies and games done by others, this time it is the curator and the maintainer of this blog that are releasing a project, Genio:

Genio is a fun approach to history, science and ideas. A videogame, 3D models and toys about Renaissance engineering, art and power.

A detailed presentation of the project is here:

The project will go live on Kickstarter on the 25th of March. Hope you will help us!

Four videos

We have produced four videos presenting the project in different ways.

Kickstarter page & video

Genio on Kickstarter

Genio’s Kickstarter page is live with a preview and with a presentation video. Check it out here.



How do you play

An in depth interview

Help us do it!

Hope you will back our idea: the tried to make meaningful and rich rewards, for a project that makes sense. A pledge on the 25th is the best way to help us. Thanks!

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