Football Voodoom – A Football Manager Game With a Story

Football VooDoom is a managerial football game, with an evolving story set in the Thiefa League universe. This universe is the world of football where crime, drugs, violence, corruption live with and of the beautiful game.

You coach your team and live within this universe and the weird lifestyles of your players and your President, trying to win the championship at the helm of Calchester Fragmented.

A game that expresses and redefines the romantic, poetic, idiotic and corrupted aspects of the beautiful game, football. The game is not here yet, but its beginning to take shape. Here is a first teaser, Will To Comeback:

And here a post on Gamasutra on the studies on the football universe for the games’ narrative.

Books on the fotball universe

Foootball Voodoom

Being built for PC OSX Tablets and smartphones
from an idea by Pietro Polsinelli
in an ongoing game design discourse with Daniele Giardini
produced by Open Lab and Demigiant.

News on @ppolsinelli.

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