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Iphone game I designed I (Pietro Polsinelli) work as game design and development consultant since 2012, mostly focusing on applied games: educational, health, promotional, storytelling (see here for complete profile).

I give game design workshops both generally on game design and also specifically on applied games.

I also give workshops integrating game design and prototyping (with actual development). Workshops last a minimum of 8 hours, which can be split in two 4-hour meetings.

The workshop is hands on and iterative, with the first aim is evolving a game concept to a game design document, eventually covering first evaluations of feasibility and of skills required.

The workshop will make participants move from concept to basic game loop, then game mechanics, narrative arcs, winning conditions, levels, character design, animations, physics / game feel, audio in order to define a possible production path.

For workshop that last more days we can also enter in the specific of the game object model, persistence and algorithms, e.g. for AI.

As prototyping tools we can use HTML5 / JavaScript, Unity3d and Machinations / Excel.

The level of detail will depend on the audience skills, time available and the kind of feedback I get, before and during the workshop.

Just write me at this e-mail for more information.


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