Dear Esther review does not go as planned – DAG Pod ep. 4

We reviewed the game Dear Esther in our podcast, with somehow unexpected results:

Design a Game Pod Dear Esther review

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Interview with Bologna’s Videoludic Archive – DAG Pod 3

In this issue of our Design a Game Podcast we interviewed Matteo Lollini and Andrea Dresseno, curators of Bologna’s Videoludic Archive (also on Facebook), the main public videogame collection in Italy.

Archivio Videoludico Interview

Some of the museums / archives /research centers quoted are linked below.


Museum of Play (Rochester, New York)


Computer Spiele Museum (Berlin)


Cologne Game Lab (Cologne, Germany)

National Videogame Archive

National Videogame Archive (Nottingham, UK)

Archiviio Videoludico

Archivio Videoludico (Bologna, Italy)

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“Poetry does not have readers any more.” Sure?

Dear Esther

Dear Esther: a game? A novel? An experience?

My prayer for an adventure not centered on puzzles has been answered.

The means, the form, is that of a videogame. The experience, is quite unique. [Read more…]

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