Football Drama: our first own game is coming!

A football game about poets & crooks

A football game with a real narrative? That navigates the composite universe of football, poetry, sweat, bad management and nonsense? Yes, it’s coming: called Football Drama, here is the “Choices” teaser:

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Will be playable on phones and desktops.

Curious how this game came about? Here is a long interview with its game designer.

Fossball Drama

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Interview with “Tiny Colossus”: game designer Ciro Continisio – DAG Pod 7

ufho2 screenshot

In this Design A Game podcast we interview game designer Ciro Continisio, known also for his successful Kickstarter for the UFHO2 game. We interviewed him in the context of the Global Game Jam 2013 in Rome, which he helped organize. he talks about how to organize a successful Kickstarter campaign, how to start designing games, what is the European indie game scene. Here is the podcast:

Ciro Continisio DAG Pod 7

ufho2 screenshot

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A trip in Cabrera’s cyphers – DAG Pod 2

Cabrera's CypherSomething that indie game designers are capable of doing is taking unlikely, dead games genres and giving them new life. Cabrera Brothers tried just this by releasing a new text (yes, text) adventure in a new format here:

We’ve briefly reviewed the game in our podcast here:

Cypher review

Cypher help

(Euro Gamer Podcast episode 2)


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