Game Development with Unity 2D – Part 0

Before we start our tutorial, lets look at others. Here are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Some cool Unity 2D (4.3+) tutorials

Unity now includes specific tools for building 2D games. This makes it an even more attractive environment where to begin game development. While the Unity fellows are trying hard to make things as easy as possible, the 2D tools are not entirely trivial to use – game development is intrinsically complex. [Read more…]

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A very basic Unity 2D tutorial in C#

On YouTube there is a popular tutorial for Unity 2D game development for beginners, in 18 videos, starting here:

Unity 2d game tutorial–part 1 of 18

where you create a Galaga-like game.

The code in the videos is in JavaScript, I followed the tutorial re-writing all code in C#. Note: I am not the author of the YouTube tutorial.
It was quite noticeable while writing code how simply using a statically typed language as C# can avoid quite a number of errors in writing the code.

You can download the complete project written in C# here:

Now some note of caution on the tutorial:

– It is not a tutorial on how to write code correctly in C#, or on how to structure object oriented programming for a game made in Unity, or on how to model AI, game mechanics and so on.

– It is not a tutorial on how to write real, commercial 2D games in Unity – more so now that Unity 4.3 is coming with a brand new integrated approach to 2D games.

The tutorial just introduces Unity as a 2d game tool and makes you use the very basic concepts. From what you learn you can use Unity to test basic game mechanics, but from this to creating professional games in Unity there is a long way to go. I’m proceeding with the books linked and with more complex projects: but thank you tutorial, it was a nice first go at it.

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