Why Humans Love Football?

In this video, we bring you on a journey through football and its surrounding universe and stories. In a trip through novels, poems, movies we meditate and wonder about football’s nature.

This exploration is a way to explain why we believe that football is an interesting subject for a narrative game, which we are indeed developing (Football Drama).

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Games Need Depth: My Research on Football

I’ve just published a post on Gamasutra with some reflections and sources on creating depth in games via narrative research, and how I am trying to do that on Football Voodoom.

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Varieties of Game Applications

Can you use the pervasive media “videogame”  and this field’s design techniques for communicating effectively with people? Can games be used for what you have in mind? How can a field specialist work effectively with a game development team to communicate know how more effectively? [Read more…]

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Developing Storyteller – DAG pod 14

Storyteller game siteIn this episode of the Design a Game podcast we are with Daniel Benmergui who is an independent videogame maker whom many are following in his progress on Storyteller:

Storyteller is a puzzle game where you build visual stories by placing characters and props into a comic-like sequence of frames.

The podcast:
Design a Game podcast: Storyteller

Storyteller site is here.

Ernesto the RPG

Daniel’s RPG game on Kongregate Daniel talks about: Ernesto the RPG.

Works and authors we quoted: Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale, Undestanding Comics, Chris Crawford.

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10 different books game designers could read

I was recently made temporarily unhappy by reading 10 books every gamer should read from The Guardian.

Apart from the misleading title, the article is sort of ok in the sense that it presents books that have repeatedly inspired some game designers in creating games, and in this sense it is a historical reconstruction. But looking at literature is a unique opportunity for searching new roads and new ways to get inspired for your game design: so let’s not consider the little world of literature “for games”, but simply intense, inspiring literature! [Read more…]

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