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Football Drama: a playable version ready for Milan Games Week

Football Drama is a narrative / managerial game of Football currently in advanced development. We are presenting a playable version of the first part of the game at Milan Games Week (October 5-7, 2018) at the indie booth. For this event we completed … [Read more]

Football Drama: our first own game is coming!

Football Drama Banner

A football game about poets & crooks A football game with a real narrative? That navigates the composite universe of football, poetry, sweat, bad management and nonsense? Yes, it's coming: called Football Drama, here is the "Choices" … [Read more]

Museum Digital Transformation: Talk And Workshop Materials

Designing an applied game for your museums - booklet

Museums are research institutions that often have a multi dimensional mission: research, preserve, teach, communicate. Digital tools can sometimes help in maintaining this mission: how and when has been the topic of the conference and set of … [Read more]

Getting Google Sheet Data Updates In Unity

Google sheet sample data

Separating data from Unity code is one of the main ways to keep your project maintainable and resistant to change. Anyone who has experience in game development knows how quick iteration in a constantly changing universe is a necessary part of the … [Read more]

How to get “share on social” in Unity

I'm writing this post because a reference solution for how to create a Unity button that allows to "share on social" text and images, opening the default "pick a social" screen on mobile apps does not seem to be sufficiently indexed, so my colleague … [Read more]

My Games Of The Year 2017

GOTY 2017

With Daniele Giardini we wrote our GOTY lists here. They are almost totally disjoint! :D … [Read more]

Presenting A Board-game On Platform Cooperativism


I've posted on Gamasutra the full story of creating Coops & Dragons, a board game on platform cooperativism which is free and available on Github. I also published a "how to play "video: … [Read more]

A playable showcase of applied games created by Open Lab

Open Lab Games

We just created a web page which lists the main applied games we created in the last four years. These are all playable, either as direct link in the page or by requesting a link, for games unreleased or still in private beta. We learned about … [Read more]

All Mailings Done On Applied Games

Here are all mailings done on applied games, in case you missed some. And here you can subscribe. :-) … [Read more]

Talk “Applied and Persuasive: Playful Learning In Museums” (video with slides)

Applied and persuasive games

Here is the talk I gave at the Museum Digital Transformation conference in March, 2017:     … [Read more]