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Unity: Dense Auto Increment Your Build Number Across Scenes


I was looking for a way to have a build number in Unity so that: I want a "build" number to be dense, at least as dense as commits it should auto increment on run it should auto increment from whatever scene you are launching your game it … [Read more]

Several useful writings on writing for games

What makes a narrative?

I just posted on Gamasutra a curated list of recent and less recent posts / videos on writing for games - here :-) … [Read more]

A post on videogame writing tools and user interface techniques

Football Voodoom dialogues in Outspoken

I just published a post on Gamasutra Videogame Dialogues: Writing Tools And Design Ideas, written with the voltairesque Daniele Giardini. We write about our current experiments with writing tools and dialogue user interface design. Hope you'll find … [Read more]

Character Trait Model: How Unhappy Is Unhappy

President Character

Modelling character traits can be tricky: an example problem has been presented by Jon Ingold in this GDC talk. I discuss the problem below and present a sample model that solves it. I provide an implementation in a C# class. For character trait … [Read more]

Applied And Persuasive Applications For Museums

MDT Florence 2017

I recently gave a workshop and talk at the Museum Digital Transformation conference.Thank you for all who came, it was great fun. … [Read more]

A visualization of Liz England’s The Door Problem

The Door Problem visualized

An attempt at visualizing Liz England's useful operational explanation of what a game designer does: The Door Problem.   … [Read more]

Learning With Games: Fail And Retry, Not Simulations

Fail and retry

A short post on Gamasutra on the topic of learning with games and fail-and-retry. … [Read more]

A post on Gamasutra: In-between Spaces And Their Design

The Decameron narrators

I wrote a longish post on Gamasutra which they were so kind to feature on focusing attention on designing in-between spaces in games. See it here. … [Read more]

Games loved in 2016


These are the games I recall playing for the first time in 2016 that I really liked. I often discussed them with Daniele Giardini, whose list also follows. The games are not in order of preference after the first two. We both give the first prize … [Read more]

A game for learning about cancer therapy: help us crowdfund it!

Feel better!

  I have been recently working in defining a new applied game with the association Noi Per Voi, called Feel Better: the game will support kids and young adults in cancer therapy at the kids hospital Meyer in Florence. It will be a tool … [Read more]