Game worlds: Da Vinci and the Renaissance

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Leonardo Da Vinci life, works and time are ideal sources for inspiration for games and videogames. Not only for that, of course: any media can treat the Da Vinci theme, and books, movies, documentaries, even theatrical pieces deal directly or have taken inspiration from Leonardo and his times.



Leonardo with Batman

Leonardo was not a unique, isolated case of creativity: the birth of Renaissance in Italy testifies a host of inventors and artists, and more you get to know this extraordinary period, more you will discover.

Photo: Not moving you get fat

As I believe games are under utilized as a way to explore knowledge and history, I started a Facebook page that presents what is being done in games and “playful” media on the theme of Leonardo and the Renaissance. Helped by Leonardo’s researcher Alexander Neuwahl, I’ve collected a seemingly never ending collection of funny, bizarre and entertaining list of works and references. You find it in full glory here:






Mona Lisa make over

There is more then Leonardo as presented in Assassin’s Creed. If you persist scrolling down the Facebook page, you’ll find it hard to get to the end of it!

Photo: The Lady stretching her ermine:

You’ll find games, jokes, riddles, books, simulations, experiments, models, documentaries, buildings…

I’ve also been doing some game design on Renaissance / Leonardo themed games, but this is the topic for another post- follow me on Twitter to keep in touch.





Photo: Mona Lisa relaxing:

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Game worlds: the Romans

Photo: LEGO Roman Emperor games set in the Roman republic and empire is one of my obsessions.

As I’m convinced that many people will enjoy getting to know more about this empire history and culture that shapes so much of our lives, I tried to get in contact and serve the existing community of people that find the Romans interesting.

So a few months ago I started publishing news on Romans and videogames on a dedicated Facebook page.


The Romans and videogames

Photo: A Roman 20 sided-diceI’m not limiting my posts strictly to videogames, but I’m exploring all playful usages of the theme, occasionally inserting also ways to go more in depth on the Roman world using visual cues.

(Yes this is a Roman 20 sided dice!)




Monty Python boardgameThe Roman world being (represented as) classic and pompous, is the perfect target for irony; I’ve testified it several times in the Facebook stream, from the classic of Monty Python to Thermae Romae.

You can explore and subscribe my efforts here:

I’ve also been doing a lot of game design on Roman themed games, but this is the topic for another post- follow me on Twitter to keep in touch.

Roman boat in Minecraft

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