Tapsteroids… name reminds you something? Good times with UNAgames – DAG pod 11

http://www.unagames.com/sites/all/themes/unagames/logo.pngThis podcast is an interview with UNAgames done at the latest Svilupparty, the yearly Italian indie developers meeting. UNAgames core team is Erika and Daniele. [Read more…]

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Hobby Game Dev – DAG pod 10

Hobby Game Dev site layers
In this episode of the Design a Game podcast we had the fortune of interviewing Chris DeLeon of Hobby Game Dev, game creator extraordinaire and driving force of several community initiatives linked to game development. Given the multifaceted nature of Chris’ interests, this is a quite long podcast, but we promise that it is worth listening from start to end. Here is the podcast:

Hobby Game Dev interview

A correction from Chris: he refers to the guy who made Command & Conquer editing programs as “Andre Griffith”, Chris double checked and his name is “Andrew Griffin”.

And here follow some of the numerous references.

Hobby Game Dev site: http://www.hobbygamedev.com/

“Indeview” interview on projects and processes:
Interview on my technical choices, processes, and projects

ms vision by proxy

Ms Vision By Proxy:

Georgia Tech Experimental Game Lab:

Cerny method:

Ian BogostIan Bogost, news, games:


Early PinballDeLeon Master’s Thesis for Georgia Tech, 2012: Arcade-style game design: postwar pinball and the golden age of coin-op videogames (PDF)





Tomb Raider Geocaches – Küstenwald




Believers Bedlam
Believers Bedlam:


Scratch MIT
Scratch (MIT):


DeLeon’s Unity3D basic tutorial



Bubble Bobble


playing spaceteam


Seth Godin
Seth Godin:



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Game worlds: Da Vinci and the Renaissance

self supporting bridge

Leonardo Da Vinci life, works and time are ideal sources for inspiration for games and videogames. Not only for that, of course: any media can treat the Da Vinci theme, and books, movies, documentaries, even theatrical pieces deal directly or have taken inspiration from Leonardo and his times.



Leonardo with Batman

Leonardo was not a unique, isolated case of creativity: the birth of Renaissance in Italy testifies a host of inventors and artists, and more you get to know this extraordinary period, more you will discover.

Photo: Not moving you get fat http://www.creativeadawards.com/fat-david/

As I believe games are under utilized as a way to explore knowledge and history, I started a Facebook page that presents what is being done in games and “playful” media on the theme of Leonardo and the Renaissance. Helped by Leonardo’s researcher Alexander Neuwahl, I’ve collected a seemingly never ending collection of funny, bizarre and entertaining list of works and references. You find it in full glory here:







Mona Lisa make over

There is more then Leonardo as presented in Assassin’s Creed. If you persist scrolling down the Facebook page, you’ll find it hard to get to the end of it!

Photo: The Lady stretching her ermine: http://www.hollyfrean.co.uk/photo_10673317.html#photos_id=10673327

You’ll find games, jokes, riddles, books, simulations, experiments, models, documentaries, buildings…

I’ve also been doing some game design on Renaissance / Leonardo themed games, but this is the topic for another post- follow me on Twitter to keep in touch.





Photo: Mona Lisa relaxing:

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