10000000 meaningless deaths

overwhelming indifference of nature

Werner Herzog as narrator in Grizzly Man:

And what haunts me is that in all the faces of all the bears that Treadwell ever filmed I discovered no kinship, no understanding, no mercy. I see only the overwhelming indifference of nature.’

Bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell saw more in those faces and eyes, and met death in the name of such intuition.

10000000 game When I recently finished the game 10000000, I stared at the screen, exhausted and satisfied, asking myself: “So? What does this mean?”

10000000 authors did a great game. There is your struggle. There are hints of a story, details, that are sufficient for a strong projection. I believe it does mean something. I believe, but there may be nothing there.

Timothy was seeing hints of communication in his one-sided bear friendship. There is the compelling kahnemanian part of us, building meaning where there is none, pulling the levers of our addiction by design and making us create a story out of nothing. So there we go, dying 10000000 times in order to conquer… the horror! The horror?

Because along Koster’s games inner teachings, jumping, hiding, hunting, there is a magic mountain that is being pointed at by games’ merciless minotaurs, and that is the supreme indifference of nature in front of our life, death, happiness and sufferance. And that is all it means.


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