Applying for a job in videogames. Signed: Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Sirs,

I am hereby applying for all positions in your company.

For game narrative and scripting, you should check my theatrical pieces. Today you can also see theater pieces using my writings.

battiloroFor programming, I actually used it extensively. Like for my machine for thinning gold, it can be programmed for any sequence of movements in a two dimensional space.

File:Peter Paul Ruben's copy of the lost Battle of Anghiari.jpg
As general illustrator and for concept research, see my sketches for “Battle of Anghiari”.

On 2D/3D, I did some minor frescoes.

Leonardo’s work in 3D in evidence.

Mona Lisa for videogamesNote that among infinite other crucial discoveries, I invented the use of transparency layers for generating depth effects; I hereby present a version of my Mona Lisa adapted to the aesthetic criteria in use in videogames today.
I also did extensive architectural design of houses, castles, cannon resistant fortifications, so if you are going for a tower defense game, I’m the man.

I also did town map design – actually I was the first to do it applying consistently geometric methods, so in a sense I invented modern cartography. Also consider my bridge over bridge for the Golden Horn

Leonardo project for Golden Horn bridge

Leonardo project for Golden Horn bridge

De Divina Proportione, fine art facsimile edition
For specific game illustration, you should check my work with Luca Pacioli on geometry. I gave him also some advice concerning his chess problems drawings, without great results.


As playtester, I contributed most solutions to Luca’s chess study.






Some malevolent people insinuate that I have some problems shipping in time, but I say that quality will be remembered long after delay has been forgotten.

Finally, if there is any other field of knowledge even remotely connected to your videogame design, I feel I can always give a hand: my knowledge may be slightly outdated but I catch up quickly. More on my works here.


Leonardo da Vinci

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