Goscurry: from sadism to poetry – DAG pod 13

Goscurry the gameIn this relaxed and delightful episode of Design a Game podcast we talk with Daniele Giardini, the creator of Goscurry.

We talk about game inspiration and design, game balancing, Unity development, the decline of 3D in games, camera usage and more.

Some of the games mentioned: Grim Fandango, Space base DF-9, FTL, and Daniele’s most recent all time favorite, Door Kickers.

The studio mentioned is this: http://www.ghostshark.it

Here is the podcast:


Get Goscurry here.

Goscurry game play

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  1. Thank you again for the sweet interview and for complying with my kind-of-panicked-but-relaxedly-silly logorrhea, and sorry again for the bad Serbian connection. It was really nice :)

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