Unity Audio: Concepts and Plugins – DAG pod 15

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In this short but dense episode of the Design a Game podcast, we talk with musician and developer Stefano Cecere @krur about audio in Unity. Listen carefully because if you are beginning to use audio in games here you can quickly get several hints. Here is the podcast:

Unity Audio: concepts and plugins–DAG pod 15

Stefano also presented his ambitious plan for a Unity audio plugin called Sinfonico that will include audio synthetizing capabilities, fine grained audio component classification and support algorithmically generated soundtracks. He actually already created the GitHub bucket – so we’ll keep an eye on him and try to make him release first drafts as soon as possible. A first instance of the plugin will be used for the audio and musical experiences of the game Genio.

FMODHere are some of the links mentioned in the podcast:

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