Games we loved in 2014 – DAG pod 21

In this podcast I chat with We Are Muesli about (some of) the games we liked in 2014. We each put together a list of games and we sort of interviewed each other.

Great Indie Games 2014

We Are Muesli’s list

Desert Golfing

Close Your – by Goodbye World



Burly Men at Sea – by Brain & Brain


Mediterranean Voidland – by Federico Fasce

Pietro’s list

Of course there is Monument Valley. But what else?

80 Days – by Inkle

Papers, Please – by Lucas Pope

Mini Metro – by Dinosaur Polo Club

Orion – by Feiss

Commander: The Great War

Honorable mention in applied games: Calculords by Seanbaby.

Also mentioned: The Outcast, Blackbar, Device 6, The Sailor’s Dream.

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