Gates of Horizon, a space conquest game – DAG pod 12

An empire cruiser from Gates of Horizon
In this dense podcast episode of Design a Game we interview Marco Matarazzo of Hex Keep, an Italian videogame company that is creating Gates of Horizon, a science fiction themed, play – against – aliens “Massively multiplayer online role-playing game” – MMORPG.

One of the most interesting themes discussed is the richness of the game design and the refined technology involved: the game is for a large audience, involves strategy, resource management, engineering, fighting and more.

Here is the podcast:
Hex Keep DAG POD

One news is that a playable prototype of the game will be available online before launching the second attempt at “kickstarting” the game.

Here is some game art:

Learn more about Gates of Horizon here:

Gates of Horizon

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