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A Circular Range Control for Unity UI

Circular Control Setup

I needed a circular range control to be for a project using Unity UI, and there seemed not to be one built-in, I created one. I wanted it to work on both desktop and mobile (touch). In building it I found out that to make it usable it requires quite … [Read more]

Untangling GameObject State in Unity

State in Unity

In this short post and video I try to discuss and clarify a few points about GameObject state in Unity with respect to game, scene and "runtime" scope. It is a bit more complex than one may understand initially, so bear with me a little. When you … [Read more]

Varieties of Game Applications

Setting for Leonardos flights

Can you use the pervasive media "videogame"  and this field's design techniques for communicating effectively with people? Can games be used for what you have in mind? How can a field specialist work effectively with a game development team to … [Read more]

A little Unity project to explore a math puzzle

Brute force problem resolution

This math puzzle was proposed on The Guardian: How to fill up the slots with the numbers from 1 to 9 and make the result 66? I proposed it to my kids, who are actually still too young to appreciate the algebraic solution. So I created a simple … [Read more]

How To Teach Fractions Making It Fun?

Da Vinci Platonic Solids

In my frequent survey of games and research concerning learning through games, I've stumbled upon this cute post: Teacher Uses LEGOs To Explain Math To Schoolchildren, which actually is extracted from Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts. … [Read more]

Creating Match 3 Games in Unity

match 3 by swipe scene

How to create quickly a match 3 game in Unity? Or any kind of match game? I have been working on an original match 3 game (an applied game actually) together with Unity 2D guru Daniele Giardini and I took some notes, which I present in the video … [Read more]

Post gameplay feelings: “This feels like a complete waste of time”

Demigiant on my post

Why playing some videogames leaves you with a sour taste, with the feeling of having wasted time and even that you have somehow debased yourself? A short reflection on post gameplay feelings, published on Medium here and then featured on … [Read more]

Storytelling flow in videogames – DAG pod 23

A short story

In this podcast Daniele Giardini and Pietro Polsinelli (myself) discuss story flow in games – and how game endings are told. We roam from The Witcher to Sunless Sea, crossing game genres. Hear us here: At the end of the podcast we read and … [Read more]

Simple Behaviour Trees for your game in Javascript and C#

football players

A little while ago I tried to understand what Behaviour Trees are about, as in a couple of games I'm developing I have sets of NPCs that I have to manage and I would like to somehow decouple their behaviour from the main game flow. Here you can find … [Read more]

Indie Development: Have Full Versioned Backups at Zero Cost

Subversion without a server

There is a simple way to have complete backups of all your sources versions, at no cost; it’s the kind of solution a single, destructured, minimal budget indie developer may use. This without any server or complex setup: just use a couple of tricks. … [Read more]