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A podcast & sources for (romantic) game polish and feel – DAG pod 22

Feel by tweening

In this podcast Daniele Giardini and Pietro Polsinelli (myself) discuss the notions of game polish and feel. Here is the podcast: There is also a video of the podcast here: References Game Feel: the book. The game … [Read more]

Making a sport game in Unity: model & prototype

Football Drama match

I just published a video where I describe how to start modelling and developing a sport game, specifically football (soccer) in my case: In the following notes some motivation for the work and references from the video. What am I trying to … [Read more]

Unity3d: Using A* and grids for entering a football field

A* in a football field

Just played with the A* algorithm and a grid to make players enter a field and assume the initial 4-4-2 classical formation. Notice there are dumb and smart teams … [Read more]

Games we loved in 2014 – DAG pod 21

Sunders' Universe

In this podcast I chat with We Are Muesli about (some of) the games we liked in 2014. We each put together a list of games and we sort of interviewed each other. … [Read more]

Beyond mechanics: games with depth – DAG pod 20

Papers Please

In this dreamy podcast Daniele Giardini and Pietro Polsinelli (myself) discuss the notion of depth in games. We don’t reach any definitive conclusion, but we have fun … [Read more]

Unity3d: Giving runtime prefab instances meaningful names

Unity3d Meaningful names to objects

This is a short note about a minor issue you may meet in Unity3d when you are creating scene objects in code, say from prefabs. In my case I am creating a soccer field borders on the base of a grid that may resize, so I want to create everything … [Read more]

Game Development with Unity 2D – part 6: Pixel Perfect

The evil builders of People in Love

Here we have a nice chat with the sinful Daniele Giardini about pixel perfect in 2D games, as a form of holy perfection. We are continuing our voyage in Unity 2D development; previous trips: Part 0, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. We … [Read more]

Paper Game Jam entry: Autumn Sprint

Autumn Plants And Animals

In this game a group of players has to build a tree and its ecological environment in autumn, through a series of one minute drawing sessions. This is a really simple game that is playable with just papers, colors and a timer (in any form, … [Read more]

Urban life and happiness: People in Love

People in Love Game

People in Love is a game about building cities where people can fall in love. Cities that are not inhabited highways, nor tools for economical and racial segregation. We hope that by playing this game some beliefs and doubts will start inhabiting … [Read more]

Prototypes and practice vs. theory

People in Love gameplay

Following my own preaching about the importance of prototypes, I’ve put together a quick and dirty prototype of People in Love, a game about urban design and quality of life. Or about love. The prototype is here and I got some interesting … [Read more]