Game Happens! If you work at it – DAG pod 19

In this episode we are with Urustar, the pure indie game creators from Genoa who recently organized Game Happens!

a workshop and a networking event focusing on the economic growth of the video game industry in Italy, especially in Genoa and in the Liguria region.

Here is the podcast:

Design a Game Podcast 19


Here is also Rami Ismail talk which is referred to in the podcast:


Urustar are the delightful & talented Alessandra Carboni & Marina Rossi, the mirandolian Federico Fasce and the mysterious, silently hooded Lorenzo Pigozzo.

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Fill my Kingdom with gold –DAG pod 18

Working at KingdomIn this episode we are with Thomas van den Berg who develops Kingdom, which is a cool game online (“A minimalist atmospheric exploration/strategy game”) which is now searching funding on Kickstarter to further its development. [Read more…]

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Cave Cave! Müesli videt: DAG pod 17

We Are Muesli - Unconventional StorytellingIn this episode we are with We Are Müesli, an amazing Italian independent duo based in Milan, made up of visual designer Claudia Molinari and creative writer Matteo Pozzi. They have been moving between art, storytelling and video games, and are well known for their work in games for the Bosch Art Game. [Read more…]

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Doomed to listen: Heartbit Interactive – DAG pod 16

Francesco and Matteo of Heartbit InteractiveIn this episode we are with Francesco Ficarelli of Heartbit Interactive, an Italian indie game development software house; we talk about their Doom & Destiny game past and future, and also about game design & storytelling. [Read more…]

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Unity Audio: Concepts and Plugins – DAG pod 15

Images from Krur's studio

In this short but dense episode of the Design a Game podcast, we talk with musician and developer Stefano Cecere @krur about audio in Unity. Listen carefully because if you are beginning to use audio in games here you can quickly get several hints. [Read more…]

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Developing Storyteller – DAG pod 14

Storyteller game siteIn this episode of the Design a Game podcast we are with Daniel Benmergui who is an independent videogame maker whom many are following in his progress on Storyteller:

Storyteller is a puzzle game where you build visual stories by placing characters and props into a comic-like sequence of frames.

The podcast:
Design a Game podcast: Storyteller

Storyteller site is here.

Ernesto the RPG

Daniel’s RPG game on Kongregate Daniel talks about: Ernesto the RPG.

Works and authors we quoted: Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale, Undestanding Comics, Chris Crawford.

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Goscurry: from sadism to poetry – DAG pod 13

Goscurry the gameIn this relaxed and delightful episode of Design a Game podcast we talk with Daniele Giardini, the creator of Goscurry.

We talk about game inspiration and design, game balancing, Unity development, the decline of 3D in games, camera usage and more. [Read more…]

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Gates of Horizon, a space conquest game – DAG pod 12

An empire cruiser from Gates of Horizon
In this dense podcast episode of Design a Game we interview Marco Matarazzo of Hex Keep, an Italian videogame company that is creating Gates of Horizon, a science fiction themed, play – against – aliens “Massively multiplayer online role-playing game” – MMORPG.

One of the most interesting themes discussed is the richness of the game design and the refined technology involved: the game is for a large audience, involves strategy, resource management, engineering, fighting and more.

Here is the podcast:
Hex Keep DAG POD

One news is that a playable prototype of the game will be available online before launching the second attempt at “kickstarting” the game.

Here is some game art:

Learn more about Gates of Horizon here:

Gates of Horizon

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Tapsteroids… name reminds you something? Good times with UNAgames – DAG pod 11 podcast is an interview with UNAgames done at the latest Svilupparty, the yearly Italian indie developers meeting. UNAgames core team is Erika and Daniele. [Read more…]

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Hobby Game Dev – DAG pod 10

Hobby Game Dev site layers
In this episode of the Design a Game podcast we had the fortune of interviewing Chris DeLeon of Hobby Game Dev, game creator extraordinaire and driving force of several community initiatives linked to game development. Given the multifaceted nature of Chris’ interests, this is a quite long podcast, but we promise that it is worth listening from start to end. Here is the podcast:

Hobby Game Dev interview

A correction from Chris: he refers to the guy who made Command & Conquer editing programs as “Andre Griffith”, Chris double checked and his name is “Andrew Griffin”.

And here follow some of the numerous references.

Hobby Game Dev site:

“Indeview” interview on projects and processes:
Interview on my technical choices, processes, and projects

ms vision by proxy

Ms Vision By Proxy:

Georgia Tech Experimental Game Lab:

Cerny method:

Ian BogostIan Bogost, news, games:


Early PinballDeLeon Master’s Thesis for Georgia Tech, 2012: Arcade-style game design: postwar pinball and the golden age of coin-op videogames (PDF)





Tomb Raider Geocaches – Küstenwald




Believers Bedlam
Believers Bedlam:


Scratch MIT
Scratch (MIT):


DeLeon’s Unity3D basic tutorial



Bubble Bobble


playing spaceteam


Seth Godin
Seth Godin:



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